Is It Really Safe For The Kitten?

I receive many inquiries on the process of shipping a kitten–individuals often wonder if it is safe and how it works.
*Won’t he/she be scared?  How long does it take?  
*Won’t it be difficult for the kitten having to be all alone in a crate for so long?  
This is how I explain the shipping process to individuals to help them feel more at ease with the process of getting a kitten:

Shipping a kitten Is Very safe?

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Shipping a kitten by itself to a new location always sounds cruel and embarrassing, but actually I think it is harder for us than the kitten(s). With my many years of shipping experience, I know for a fact that all of the kittens are well taken care of.  So if you stop and think about it, the airlines are not going to mistreat the kitten(s) for fear of lawsuit and customer dissatisfaction. I tape kitten(s) food and feeding instructions to the top of the crate and put frozen water in the crate, so it will gradually thaw out for the kitten(s) and the kittens are offered food along the ride.

The average flight is approximately 4 to 6 hours. I always ask about any delays or layovers and know the exact times and departures of the flights, so I know where the pup is and am able to give you the information as well.

The kitten will arrive the same day as it is sent–usually a few hours. I have a big fluffy bed of shredded newspapers in the crate for the kitten(s) to nestle in and usually a pig’s ear chew (they love them), and a toy or sock with my scent on it–to help the kitten feel secure

What About Shipping In The Winter –Is It Not Too Cold?

If you decide on a kitten, I will guarantee -as I have for 9-10 yrs–that he/she will arrive safe and sound. kittens can be shipped safely between 20 and 85 degrees–AA rules. All kittens ride in the belly of the plane where the temperature is kept at a comfortable 70 degrees–same as for the passengers–and they are the last on and first off the plane. Shipping during this time of year is completely safe and there is no problem so we need not to be afraid about that. Just like a person getting on a flight to go meet their relatives and/or friends for the holidays, shipping a kitten is very similar-and probably even a little easier. The only thing different about this time of year is that the airlines can be strict on the minimum temperature at each location (which is really good for the kitten(s) even though the plane is always kept at 70 degrees. I believe it is mainly for their liability and protection. Likewise, in the summertime–they will not ship if temperatures are too hot along the way. If this is the case, we will just wait for the next best day to ship or ship earlier or later in the day to combat the hot/cold part of the day.

NOTE.. Most shippers specialized in shipping pets will use a temperature regulation crate called an electronic crate.

These type of crates are used anytime since they can regulate the temperature to the one best for the kitten(s) travel

What is involved in the shipping process?

Since I am 30 minutes from my nearest airport and do not charge extra for delivery like most breeders, I try to make each trip count as much as possible by taking multiple kittens at a time while striving to accommodate to your specified times.  Therefore it helps me greatly if you can specify multiple times/days you (or any other person with ID) would be available to pick up the kitten. So if you are interested in having one of the kitten after all amounts have been received, I am able to book the kitten. I will need to know the day(s) and time(s) you are able to pick up the kitten(s) your nearest airport, and your home address and phone number.
Usually, I can only book a flight three days in advance so they are aware of the temperatures for shipping. After I have booked the kitten, I will call and/or email you with the flight number times, and location where the kitten(s) is to be picked up. All you need to do is pick up the kitten at your airport–taking a couple forms of identification, like a driver’s license or insurance card and the airway bill number that I give you. Then I ask individuals to contact me as soon as possible after they receive their kitten as I’m very anxious to hear about the kitten–if everything went ok –what you think–and any other questions you might have.

  It seems lengthy in explanation but it actually goes very fast!

  What is the normal Shipping cost?

Most of the times I like to use Local  Airlines as they have provided me with quality service. International airports are often the best bet, but I would be glad to check out your local airport to see if shipping is possible.  Shipping World  wide  is available at all times and but shipping to other continents  may cost slightly more. I ship worldwide to any Country, just provide us your closest airport and I will drive to the airport and get delivery organized.  Shipping has been running approximately $250 which includes, a normal pet crate and health certificate.  If  2 kittens  are being purchased at the same time, from the same cattery, they can be flown together in a larger crate .

When sending me your airports address, please send 2 different airports that you would be willing to travel to pick up the kittens

What our puppies are fed?

Our kittens are raised on Nutri Source small/medium breed Chicken and kitten a quality 4 star kibble sold at many vet clinics and pet stores.  We always suggest the use of a quality vitamin–2 of which we have had good results with are NuVet and Pfizer Pet Tabs Plus. kittens are also fed on the dry kitten food.  We suggest when getting your kitten to feed them of a morning and again of an evening in order to be able to monitor when they will need to go potty.  You can start with 1- 2 cups of feed each time–if they clean up the food then add a bit more until you get to the correct amount of feed that your kitten will consume.